Personalized programs

Accelerate the development of your teams

We work with your organization to contextualize and enhance science and technology-based learning content

Facilitate the transfer of learning into your daily life

From priorities
to action.

When you choose to customize one of our Afi U. training products, you benefit from relevant, up-to-date content powered by a proven learning experience. A winning formula for rapidly mobilizing your teams.

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The benefits of a personalized program?

  • Acceleration of the delivery rate
  • Alignment with your business context and challenges
  • Integration with your organisational culture
  • Budget optimisation
  • Increased participant engagement
  • Facilitating the transfer of learning into your working environment

Accelerate the implementation

A collaborative approach at your service

Our team of consultants and designers will accompany you from from the analysis of your needs to the delivery of your program. Our common goal? To accelerate the positive impact on your teams and on your organization.

Developpement schema

2. Identification of the program by a selection of proven proven track record

  • Leadership and team management
  • Digital culture
  • Executive leadership
  • DevOps
  • Leader-coach
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption
  • Employee Experience

3. Customization elements

  • Self-assessment tools
  • Case studies
  • Reflection workshops
  • Action workshops
  • Individual and group coaching
  • E-learning capsules
  • Practical laboratories
  • Simulations
  • Discussion and co-development groups
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