Business Coaching

Building a coaching culture

We support you in developing inspiring and resilient leaders, high-performing teams, and engaged professionals.

Transformative coaching for exponential growth


Organizations that invest in coaching foster the emergence of a positive culture in the face of change.

In a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, and complex world, organizations seek leaders and collaborators who can quickly adapt their thinking and actions.

Our team of business coaches supports organizations in creating environments where individuals and teams can develop their potential and drive sustainable transformations, regardless of the challenges or opportunities they face.

Positive impact. Real results.

  • Autonomy and empowerment

  • Employee and team engagement

  • Collaboration and trust

  • Problem-solving

  • Innovation

  • Productivity


The key to successful transformation lies in priotirizing the human element, as in form the very core of meaningful changes.

Empower your organization with the agility to confidently navigate ambiguity

By integrating a dynamic coaching culture, organizations strengthen their ability to succeed in their current and future transformations, regardless of the context.

  • Merger and acquisition
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Digital transformation
  • New work modes
  • ESG strategy and perfomance
  • Business transfer and succession

A powerful lever to align leaders, employees, and teams with the organization's vision, our comprehensive coaching approach facilitates the necessary awareness to establish a solid framework and accelerate transformations.

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Executive and
Leadership Coaching

A holistic approach that provides a clear vision of the present to better manage one's own development, that of the team, and the future of the organization.

Our executive business coaching assists executives and leaders, from SMEs to large organizations, in better positioning themselves in the present to support profitable growth and sustainable transformations.

We support you in designing your strategic plan, defining your objectives, and identifying the steps to achieve them.

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Become an inspiring and high-performing role model

Stepping back and creating a learning space allows for gaining clarity, identifying blind spots, and defining one's zone of excellence.

and Team

Fostering a culture of learning and collaboration

Boost your competitiveness and innovation by integrating the best practices of collaboration and continuous learning into your business environment.

Through group coaching, co-learning workshops, and co-development, AFI by Edgenda coaches accompany you in creating spaces that promote teamwork and cross-collaboration.

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and Talent

Talent development plays an increasingly strategic role within the organization.

Person doing robotics

Elevate the potential of your key employees by offering them a targeted and effective learning experience. Our coaching approach quickly identifies individual needs while optimizing organizational performance.

Evolve with confidence

Whatever your professional challenge, our coaching offers a personalized approach to unlock your potential.

  • Leadership development
  • New managers
  • High-potential employees
  • Business/sales development
  • Coaching for sales
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Coaching for
IT Professionnals

The expectations related to the opportunities and challenges presented by technologies exert immense pressure on the professionals involved.

Preparing and maximizing positive impacts

In the context of technological reflections or shifts, specialized coaches from AFI by Edgenda accompany professionals and their teams before, during, and after to ensure successful integration and smooth adoption. The work is done in close collaboration to identify potential challenges, strengthen necessary skills, and ensure a human, harmonious, and sustainable technological transformation.

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Equity and Inclusion

Coaching allows for initiating change from within and unleashing the full potential of an equitable environment.

Modern organizations increasingly aim to create equitable opportunities for all and to integrate diverse talents at all levels of management.

Our individual and group coaching programs facilitate delicate and honest conversations, serving as a powerful tool to stimulate change and foster an inclusive culture.

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Our service
Coaching Supervision

In a spirit of community and kindness, our experienced supervisors support coaches and coaching teams in the continuous improvement of their practice. We aim to sustain their impact and engagement throughout their professional journey.

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